October 17, 2021

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Tech Tent: Did e-Estonia beat the infection?



It is likely the world’s most advanced government, with pretty much every state administration on the web.

Yet, improved arranged than different countries to manage the Covid?

On the current week’s Tech Tent the Estonian President gives us her decision on how an e-country struggled Coronavirus.

We added one catch so individuals could begin their own debilitated leave, she clarifies.

Afterward, the specialist got back to and confirmed manifestations and sent the individual to testing, which implies that there was no danger that debilitated individuals accumulated in specialists’ workplaces and spread the infection.


Also, it appeared to work – until it didn’t.

A particularly level of reconnaissance would not be satisfactory in Estonia, or in numerous other Western nations.

More proof, at that point, that innovation is definitely not a silver shot in the battl against the infection much relies upon the setting wherein it is utilized and the standards of human conduct.

Youthful Estonians might be carefully insightful and very much educated about how the infection spreads, however they would in any case preferably meet for a beverage vis-à-vis over gaze at a webcam in one more Zoom experience.