January 27, 2022

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Nigerian armed force boss Ibrahim Attahiru executed in air crash



Nigeria’s military boss, Lt-Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, has been executed in a plane accident in the north-western territory of Kaduna.

Authorities say;

The episode occurred as the plane was attempting to land in terrible climate, the military said. Ten different officials, including the plane’s team additionally kicked the bucket.

President Muhammadu Buhari said he was “profoundly disheartened” by the accident.

Gen Attahiru, 54, just took up his post in January in an update of the tactical’s top of the food chain.

It was essential for the public authority’s arrangement to support the tactical’s proficiency in battling a more than long term jihadist insurrection.


The Nigerian Flying corps said the episode occurred as the plane was arriving at Kaduna Global Air terminal.

On Twitter, the president said the accident was a “mortal blow… at a time our armed powers are ready to end the security challenges confronting the country”.

Friday’s accident comes three months to the day after a Nigerian military plane slammed shy of a runway in the capital Abuja, killing each of the seven individuals ready.