January 28, 2022

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Black Water and ISI

Black water

blackwater and ISI

Blackwater & ISI

Pakistan People are innocent which avoid violence in human society. Silent Hero are real hero of My Homeland. Visit Pakistan and share my experience is peaceful hub of humanity.

The director general of the ISI, who stood alone in front of the CIA. Who made the infamous Blackwater,Not only broke the network of FBI, CIA and Mossad, but also made dozens of their agents fall prey to ISI sharpshooters for reikiing sensitive areas of Pakistan without informing the United States. The military baton that will continue to run, against the traitors. Maybe they forgot that the defenders of the homeland are silent but not blind. Pakistan CIA will continue to catch the CIA network. This phrase was not mine. It was from ISI DG General Shuja Pasha.The United States had recruited thousands of spies through the Zardari government from 2008 to 2011. Blackwater and private contractor agents were transported from the runway of Lahore Airport in government vehicles to the American Consulate in Lahore without any hindrance. All this was approved by Zardari directly to Rehman Malik. All this work was done by Mr. 10 in exchange for dollars.

But perhaps these political cronies have forgotten. The defenders of the homeland are certainly silent but not blind.It was Shuja Pasha who exposed all the secret American spies and drove some out of the country while the others were hunted down by the Markhors. That is why the Americans wrote a book and defamed Shuja Pasha.
At that time, in 2011, CIA Director Michael Morrell threatened Shuja Pasha in a meeting that we would cut off ارب 8 billion in military aid to Pakistan … Shuja Pasha replied that we did not want it. We will continue this war on our own resources…
CIA agents will not be allowed to stay here
This was the historic response of Shuja Pasha after which the CIA and the United States had become enemies of ISI.
According to the BBC documentary “Secret Pakistan”, the entire jihad against the US in Afghanistan is controlled by the ISI.
The difficulties for the United States in Afghanistan escalated to such an extent that under American pressure, the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani failed to bring the ISI under the purview of the Interior Ministry. Who is blamed for the Afghan jihad!According to US defense analyst Webster Tharplay, the US CIA and Pakistani ISI were fighting a bloody proxy war against each other in the region. Their alliance against terrorism was a sham.
According to fugitive American CIA agent Edward Snowden, the United States spends about 23 23 billion a year on spying on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons alone, more than four times the total budget of the Pakistani military, but it still fails to access them. Is. The reason is ISI and Pakistan’s defense establishment.
General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, as the head of ISI, Pakistan’s highest intelligence agency, protected national interests at all costs during a very difficult time. This period of three years was a period of conspiracies, conspiracies and international secret hypocrisy against Pakistan which General Ahmad Shuja Pasha bravely fought and not only exposed these international conspiracies but also stopped them by turning a blind eye.After the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan made an unconditional offer to support the United States against terrorism, but unfortunately, with the passage of time, the United States and the CIA began to play hostile roles not only against Pakistan. He also started mistrusting Pakistan’s top intelligence agency ISI. There was a clear disagreement between the US and Pakistan over national interests, which is why the US-led NATO forces, and the CIA in particular, called the ISI an enemy and a rogue agency and refused to cooperate with the ISI’s demands. Refused.

General Ahmad Shuja Pasha boldly looked into the eyes of the world’s most powerful CIA and asked questions about their operations in Pakistan and their motives. General Pasha asked several CIA spies in Pakistan. Revealed the presence of those who were engaged in various activities on the territory of Pakistan. Who were doing reiki of areas of Pakistan here. The CIA mocked the ISI chief’s demands and not only rejected them but also sabotaged the revelations.As a result, the ISI began killing dozens of American agents. They were brought into Pakistan without visas by the Zardari government in exchange for dollars and these agents came to reiki Pakistan’s nuclear assets. They were preyed upon by various trained ISI snipers while taking pictures around Balochistan and Kahuta, then the US screamed but now the US could not openly say that it was killing our secret agents because They were all illegal and caused the failure and disrepute of the American CIA, so the United States made a noise in the world that our tourists are disappearing in Pakistan.It was the brainchild of Shuja Pasha who exposed America’s free and bold activities on Pakistani soil. In particular, it revealed the CIA’s covert operations in Pakistan. In fact, General Ahmad Shuja Pasha stood like a rock in front of the US and the CIA to protect Pakistan’s national interests. They expelled CIA spies engaged in covert activities on Pakistani soil and shut down CIA covert operations.This bold move by General Ahmad Shuja Pasha has made him a proud son of Pakistan.

He spoke in the eyes of then CIA chief Leon Panetta about the protection of Pakistani interests and never bowed before the head of the superpower’s best intelligence agency. General Pasha is truly a soldier. His focus has always been on his professional affairs, just as a soldier looks at every issue only in the context of Pakistan’s interests.Undoubtedly, the entire nation is proud of the best protection of Pakistan’s interests. The whole nation is aware that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI puts the interests of its beloved country first in everything and its head General Pasha has shown great wisdom, courage and patriotism during his tenure. Fulfilled the duty well. It was General Ahmad Shuja Pasha who uncovered the hypocritical plans and conspiracies of the CIA and exposed the fact that the CIA was involved in anti-Pakistan activities. That is why General Ahmad Shuja Pasha not only restricted the movement of CIA personnel in Pakistan but also imposed sanctions on them.

He also exposed the activities of notorious US intelligence agencies in Pakistan such as Blackwater and Dine Corps, expelled their agents from Pakistan and stopped them from engaging in anti-Pakistan activities by monitoring the activities of CIA spies. ۔ He stopped the CIA’s operations in Pakistan and allowed US personnel to operate within the law. He did not allow them to continue their activities without any hesitation. General Pasha proved by taking this bold step that he is a true patriot and did not allow any world power to act against the interests of Pakistan. Will not give.

General Ahmad Shuja Pasha ensured that US, CIA and UN officials visiting Pakistan complied with established immigration regulations. He also expelled CIA spies who were training in a highly sensitive area near the Kahuta nuclear plant at Police College Sihala and sent them back to the United States. General Pasha ensured full monitoring of the entry of CIA and FBI agents into Pakistan and established a regular security mechanism that checks the arrival of these agents in Pakistan. All the Americans who were blacklisted thwarted every attempt to re-enter Pakistan.General Ahmad Shuja Pasha never agreed with the US CIA chief on the number of CIA agents in Pakistan. He asked the CIA chief to provide complete information about the 438 CIA spies in Pakistan. Ask for their names, addresses and all the details they are working on.

General Ahmad Shuja Pasha similarly objected to the procedure for issuing Pakistani visas to US officials and checked freelance visa entry into Pakistan.He challenged the process of issuing visas to Americans because it made it easier for Americans to issue visas. General Ahmad Shuja Pasha always showed wisdom, responsiveness and intelligence with his opponent who met him. He made it clear to then-CIA chief Leon Panetta that if the CIA does not trust the ISI, then the ISI is not bound to have relations and cooperation with the CIA.US Leon Panetta was shocked by the remarks of ISI chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha. He did not expect the head of the intelligence agency of a developing country to give such a blunt answer, but perhaps he did not know that he was involved with the brave, courageous SIS of the world’s number one intelligence agency. The intelligent leader is with General Ahmad Shuja Pasha. Due to this, harsh words were exchanged between the two and the conversation became bitter, after which General Ahmad Shuja Pasha shortened his visit to Washington and returned home.

This is possible only if there is a courageous, intelligent and understanding leader and General Ahmad Shuja Pasha proved his courage and intelligence.General Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s courage and intelligence were very much to the liking of the United States, which is why it also created some elements that criticize General Ahmed Shuja Pasha. The purpose of these elements is to fulfill the foreign agenda only because the concrete steps of General Ahmad Shuja Pasha were not being digested by the United States. At the same time, some elements are criticizing General Ahmad Shuja Pasha for achieving political goals. But General Ahmad Shuja Pasha took every step only for the interests of his country, so ignoring these elements, he expelled the American agents and cleared Pakistan of terrorism.
Stopping CIA activities in Pakistan is not a trivial matter so we will all always pay tribute to General Ahmed Shuja, he is our anonymous hero.
Long live Pakistan Army, long live ISI, long live Pakistan